A Midsummer Night’s Love/Shun List!

What better way to kick off the new era of LLVS than with a good ol’ list of unsolicited opinions? Things to Love “Cool for the Summer” by Demi Lovato.  My nomination for Song of Summer 2015.  For your consideration. Netflix revisits.  I’ve been systematically working my way back through 30 Rock and interspersing individual […]

What a Difference a Year Makes

It has definitely been a minute since I last did this. Something today compelled me to peek back at my beloved old blog, and read the last post I wrote.  It was over a year ago in March of 2014, a hopeful and optimistic announcement about my impending return to academia.  Looking back, I’m a […]

We Need to Talk About Theon

It’s time I explained myself.  For as long as I have been a diehard Game of Thrones fan (basically since the moment I set eyes on it), I have been defending my steadfast fondness for the often-reviled Theon Greyjoy.  Up against widespread and vehement opposition, I have been reduced to referencing such gems as “You […]

Duh, Dummy

Since being scolded as a group for greeting customers from too far a distance to be noticed or located, I’d say most of the BR staff have been attempting to cozy up to, or at least make eye contact with customers before saying hello.  Basically, we just aren’t supposed to shout from across the room.  […]

working girl

The List: October 2013 Edition

The List: October 2013 Edition

Things to Love Good Will Hunting.  Guys, do you even remember how good this movie was?  Not only is it totally fahkin’ Bahston-y and hilarious, but it will make you cry real tears when Matt Damon and Robin Williams finally hug it out.  So real!  I recommend everyone re-watch immediately and ruminate on academia, friendship, […]