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Internet of Ice and Fire

Okay, I love the internet.  Seriously, like, how good is the internet guys?!  Amirite?

I was going to do a pithy little post about a wonderful moment of syncronicity between two devastatingly underrated things I adore: Parks and Rec and Game of Thrones.  That video, for your reference, is here:

BUT, there is something even better than nerd heartthrob Ben’s fervor for the world of Westeros.  You know how Google will offer helpful suggestions as you are typing your query into their search bar?  That feature can be equal parts annoying and creepy, but sometimes it is pure perfection.  While typing in the search “parks and red game of thrones,” I was promptly offered as a first choice “parks and rec game of thrones tumblr.”  Curious, I clicked through. 

Firstly, I found a slew of fantastically nerdy puns, so obviously I was already losing my shit.  The tumblr A Storm of Swanson’s was my destination: a blog of Game of Thrones screencaps captioned with Parks and Rec quotes that bizarrely and hilariously pertain to the fantasy story.  BUT, but but but… there was MORE.  Going back to the search results, it turned out there was also an Arrested Development/Game of Thrones mashup blog (!) called Arrested Westeros!

On the one hand, my own blog now feels to impotent.  On the other, so much awesome.  Also, this just bolsters my theory that everything is secretly about Game of Thrones, and that, you know, you should be reading/watching it.


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