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Duh, Dummy

Since being scolded as a group for greeting customers from too far a distance to be noticed or located, I’d say most of the BR staff have been attempting to cozy up to, or at least make eye contact with customers before saying hello.  Basically, we just aren’t supposed to shout from across the room.  I didn’t think it was so bad tonight when I said, “Hi, how are you?” to the only two guys in the store from about ten feet away.

A beat passed, then they said, “Hi, good… thanks.”  Nonplussed, I kept on hanging the pants I was holding.  They then explained themselves: “It took a minute to figure out where your voice was coming from.”

Because I have no filter, no tact, and no sense of how to converse with a normal human being, I replied, “Then my ventriloquy training is working.”

At least they laughed, because I’d have a hard time pretending that customer comment was about anyone else.


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