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Drive-By Compliment

It seems lately that my sense of style is really appealing to young girls who have not yet discovered Hot Topic and the uber-cheap makeup line N.Y.C. Color.  A few days ago at work, this awful woman was soliciting my help looking for a top for her daughter to wear to like… a choir concert or something.  The problem was that her daughter was roughly 12 and small for her age, to the point where even a Petite XS was too big for her.  This girl obviously needed to be in the Limited Too, or wherever young girls shop nowadays; basically, not a store for middle-aged women. 

But that’s neither here nor there.  After the mother purchased some ill-chosen sweater, the two were on their way out and passed me folding some shirts with my back semi- to them.  From nowhere I heard a small young voice squeak, “I love your hair!” before practically running out.  I shouted “thank you!” after her, reveling in my awesome Florence-Welch-red shade and the sartorial effect I have on the youth of New Jersey.


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