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Brigitte and I Watch Prince Caspian on ABC Family

Brigitte is watching through her fingers.

Kristi: What are you doing?

Brigitte: I thought someone was going to get beheaded soon, and I didn’t want to watch.

Kristi: Beheaded?!  In The Chronicles of Narnia?!

Brigitte: No?

Kristi: You’re thinking of Game of Thrones, where somebody gets beheaded like every ten minutes.

Brigitte: Oh.  What’s his name, the little guy on that?

Kristi: On the show or in real life?

Brigitte: On the show.

Kristi: Tyrion Lannister.

Brigitte: He’s so good.

Kristi: He’s in this, too, actually.  As a dwarf, again.

Brigitte: Typecasting.


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