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Eat Your <3 Out, Ke$ha

“Your hair is the same color as Rihanna!”

Quoth a five-year-old at the birthday party I worked today.  My first day back at Artisan Studio was rife with glitter, peacocks, and atonal shouting – Ke$ha indeed.  But, in actuality, it was a group of 15 kindergarteners celebrating the sixth birthday of an adorable pair of twins.  We led them in drawing lizards and peacocks, then coloring and thoroughly covering them with glitter. 

You probably don’t realize this, but unless you’re a teacher, the last time you were around this many children, YOU WERE ONE.  It’s a bit of a sensory overload at first.  But the great thing about kids is that while some are attention-deficit scissor-grabbing monsters, a precious few are preternaturally clever and funnier than they have any right to be.  When one of the first guests arrived, I asked her how old she was.  “Twenty,” she deadpanned.  Laughing, I told her “you look good for your age.”  Another girl and I bonded over our matching leopard-print shoes.  One cutie patootie drew two lizards and had me spell out “each other” so she could caption it “they like each other”.  I mean, have you ever?

Especially cool is that some of these kids are genuinely talented.  Certainly many were just biding time until cake, but a few were layering colors and nailing the drawing technique and getting completely into it.  They reminded me of a young Kristi Berry, beginning lessons with the same teacher at age 7.  That was fifteen years ago!  And now I’m old.  But we can’t all be Plato; someone has to be Socrates.  (Maybe one of those kindergarteners will write a masterpiece dialogue of my death trial.  Never know.)

But anyway, my hair looks like Rihanna’s.

(Sidenote: Around Thanksgiving a drunk reveler in town compared my blonde locks to Nicky Minaj; now Rihanna… what do we make of this?)


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