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Love/Shun: The Only Things I Care About Right Now

Things to Love

Michael Fassbender.  I know, repeat entry!  But still.  He’s the background on my phone, and watching 15 minutes of X-Men: First Class on my break at work was the only thing that got me through tonight.  Guys, he speaks German while drinking beer and kicking ass… in a tight white shirt… all in the first ten minutes.  Get on board.  It’ll be like that time I told you to read that book “The Hunger something…”

“Video Games” by Lana del Rey.  Apparently she was minorly controversial when she first came out and people cared about her?  I think it was mostly about her lips (obvs injections, amirite?)  I’m not sure if she’s over or she’s not yet, but this song is hypnotic.

Also in music: “No Church in the Wild” by Kanye/Jay-Z, Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars’ Hunger Games song “Safe and Sound”, fun. and Janelle Monae’s “We Are Young”

The Big Bang Theory reruns on TBS.  New favorite rerun block, edging out Friends and How I Met Your Mother.  Weird geeks and David from Roseanne.  It grows on you.

MTV’s Challenge: Battle of the Exes.  YES.  The Challenge is everything reality TV should be: people gettin’ drunk and hooking up and fighting, then doing obstacle-course-y challenges!  And this time, they’re partnered with their dreaded exes. Helloooooo.

My new Game of Thrones sweatshirt.  All I want to wear, ever.

Things to Shun

All my coworkers, for their inability to realize how to properly use a trash can.  Do not put into it: crumpled-up boxes, crumpled-up shopping bags, 25 heavy stacks of coupons that will rip the paper-thin bag, liquids.  Also, when it is actually and literally overflowing, would it kill these animals to empty it and put a new bag in?  Apparently.  And so, on more than one occasion I have found myself standing in a pile of garbage with an unidentified substance spilled on me, picking up trash with my bare hands.

People’s pitying faces when they say they feel so bad for kids just out of college right now, because it’s so hard to find a job.  If you feel so bad for me, take out the goddam trash and save the pouting for someone who buys it.

Feeding myself.  UGH cooking.

Movie prospects and Oscar prospects.  All the movies I want to see have come and gone, are months away, or didn’t make it anywhere near Freehold (RIP, Shame, 127 Hours).  The Oscar nominees are completely dull and industry-self-important; to quote Bill, “Has there ever been a more uninspiring year of nominees?”


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