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Artsy Fartsy

Strange though it may be, for the majority of my life I was an artist.  I took lessons for ten years and a day never went by where I didn’t draw something.  I got reemed by innumerable teachers for doodling in class.  Notebooks upon binders upon piles of my work contribute largely to the clutter of my house.  But then I went to college and pretty much stopped.  I still did a little here and there, but as new interests (like writing and, you know, binge drinking) filled my life, there was less room for that old one.

Now, fate has me back working at the same art studio I grew up attending, and 2012 is looking to be a renaissance year for me.  Forgive my being a little rusty, but below is some of what I’ve been doing lately.  More to come.

A quick sketch that was supposed to be Michael Fassbender but looks more like Jake Gyllenhaal. This is what happens when you rush.

Another quickie, this time of my new favorite lupine creature.

Random concept ideas for BR breakroom mural.

A wet wolf dripping water.

Passage from Michelangelo's Creation of Adam.

Mini Masterpieces painting kit. I'm making a 4x6" Birth of Venus!

Dorky map of Westeros from Game of Thrones.

Another map. I've been doing a graphic ripple effect thing.

The ripple effect to the max.

Map of Westeros with house symbols.

The family portrait I made my mom for Christmas.

The newest family portrait for my mom, photo circa 1988.

Where the magic happens.


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