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Though I am fully willing to brag my ass off about finding my way into Fashion Week each season, sometimes even I have my limits and begin to feel like a condescending prick.  This was one of those times:

My Boss: So are you coming to the team dinner tomorrow night?

Kristi: No, I can’t.  I’m going into the city for Fashion Week.

He: OoOoOoh!  That’s so fun!  Me and the other managers were just talking about that.  I was saying we should all go in one day and go.  So what do you do, like go there and hang out?

I:Ohhh… no… I go to shows.


I: Yeah.

He: So now, how long is it?

I: ………………………….. A week.

For the slightly less clueless, read about my experience this season here.


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