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The Internet is Suspicious Sometimes

You know how I know a random job listing on Craigslist is not legit?

It might be that they don’t mention the name of the company.  Though, perhaps I can get past that one for confidentiality issues or whatnot.  (It certainly makes it confusing when companies you’ve never heard of start emailing you out of the blue!)

It might be that they address their reply email to “Applicant” instead of using my name.  Clearly I was a thrilling candidate!

It just might be that they want me to provide a credit check for employment, even though that seems up there with “meet me at my house to check out this old bike” on the Craigslist scale.

But definitely, for me at least, the cardinal red flag is when the email contains basic grammatical errors.  “Please complete and print your credit score by click here”?  Oh yes, please, let me hasten to click that link.


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