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The Weather, Man

The funny (sad) thing about my Bananagers and coworkers who actually give a shit about the business of the Banana Republic is that they seem actually incapable of understanding why, on one of the first nice days of pre-spring when the sun is shining and temperatures race toward 70, people would want to be outside instead of in the mall.  I know not everyone is an outdoorsman, but seriously?  You can’t even wrap your mind around taking a nice leisurely walk with no coat on?

Anyway, yesterday was one such day.  When my coworker Mike came in at 5, we traded niceties about the weather and he bemoaned having to work the rest of the week while it was so nice outside; he wanted to be at the park playing baseball or basketball or something (totally valid choices!)  Our manager Jeff said, “Well you were there all day today,” in bemusement.  I added, to his confusion, “And now you’re done for the season!” 

As if one day at the park makes up for a lifetime of shifts at the Banana pressing your face up against the front window to catch a glimpse of sunlight.


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