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…And I’m a PC

Thursday was a marathon day in the Kristi Berry Job Search, which incidentally is as futile as the Kristi Berry Marrying Michael Fassbender Mission, but I do fight the good fight.  My second interview of the day was promising, right up to the description of my computer skills.  I basically listed everything you can do on a computer and made it clear that, like any child of my generation, I am savvy and comfortable. 

Then my interviewer asked an innocuous question that stopped me dead in my tracks.  For the briefest (and simultaneously longest) moment, I sat agape like a deer in headlights.  “And do you use PC or Mac?”  I could almost palpably feel the whole thing about to crash down around me.  For a second I considered lying, but panicked and just said: “P…C…………” and maybe grimaced a bit.

“Cool, that’s what we use.”


That said, I did a second phone interview for them on Friday and am waiting to hear back.  Wish me luck!


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