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Looking for Trouble

My dad (the elusive Bill) was at work yesterday when I decided to throw myself at the ground, so I mentioned it in passing to him today:


Kristi: So did Mom tell you how I ate shit yesterday? 

Bill: No, what?  Oh, you mean when you face-planted?

Kristi: Yeah, I ate some pavement.

Bill: What were you doing?

Kristi: Well I was out running, and I decided to run left on the path instead of right–

Bill: Friday the 13th and you decide to run the opposite way?!  What were you thinking?!

Kristi: I know!

Bill: What were you, out looking for black cats and ladders to walk under?

Kristi: And would you believe it, it only happened like ten feet from the house, too.

Bill: Did you break a mirror when you came back in?

Kristi: You mock my pain!

Bill: Goodness…


Never let it be said that I only blog about Brigitte.


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