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Darkness There and Nothing More

Today I wore this necklace to work:

My coworker Carlo read it and asked who that was, to which I told him it was Edgar Allen Poe, and a line from “The Raven.”  Literally two minutes later, an older woman we work with wandered over to us and took notice of said necklace.  “And nothing there… more…” she fumbled out loud, altogether too close to my personal space.  “Darkness there and nothing more,” I offered, and then anticipating her next question, Carlo smartly added, “Edgar Allen Poe.” 

“Ugh, see, I don’t watch that either.”

To which I could only stand agog (there are very few occasions on which one finds oneself agog, but this was one) and wonder whether she was shitting me.

“Are you shitting me?”

“No, I don’t watch those shows.”

“What show… Wha…  It’s…. ”  I glanced around at Carlo and random passersby as if hoping for help or a clue to the joke.  “It’s…Edgar Allen Poe.”


“…Seriously, you’re shitting me, right?”

Laughing, but persistingly oblivious, “What?”



[Semi-related sidenote: I once watched an episode of House Hunters in which the couple owned a dog named Edgar Allen Puppy.  More like Edgar Allen ADORABLE.]


One comment on “Darkness There and Nothing More

  1. First of, I LOVE the necklace!!! Second, I feel sorry that you work with these people. The only thing I can say about them is “I don’t want to live on in this planet anymore!”

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