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Re: Start

Brigitte, to me, after I have worked since 7 am and just got home and sat down for roughly 30 seconds: Kristi, what’s wrong with our computer?!  Can you look at it???

Kristi: [dies inside.]  Try restarting it.

[A few minutes go by.]

Brigitte: Kristi, I can’t even get it to shut down now! 

Kristi, weeping tears of exhaustion: Do you want me to come in there?

Brigitte: Yes, could you?

Kristi walks in, sits down at family computer for seven seconds, gets up.

Kristi: It’s restarting.

Brigitte: What did you do?!

Kristi:I hit restart.


How I got away with this interaction without a verbal lashing is a testament to how pathetically tired I am.  Or, my gift for the first day in my new position.  Happy promotion day.  🙂


One comment on “Re: Start

  1. Love you! How’d it go?

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