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I once played a game at a bachelorette party called “First Kiss/Worst Kiss.”  Basically, everybody tells the story of both their first and worst kiss, and in the end the bride’s tale of the happy couple’s first kiss winds up sounding like The Notebook.  The name of that game has stuck in my mind since I started my new position on Monday (perhaps because a customer on the phone told me he “would like to bring his lovely bride shopping”).

And so, this has been the first week of my managership, but also perhaps the worst.  Not really the worst, in the legitimately despairing way this job often is, but in a one-thing-after-another way.  To wit: for my first three days as an assistant manager, I had to supervise and run two days’ worth of rollout, which is a massive shipment of new merchandise in which literally everything in the store has to change (products, displays, mannequins, signs, the whole shebang).  Today I had to open the store on my own, based solely on remembered knowledge from a year ago when I was an acting manager.  I also had to prep for a window overhaul tomorrow morning (which I will be running) while setting up a flash sale (because why not!) that caused a cacophany of issues that often happen when our beloved company opts to run three different sales and a coupon on the same day but only allow certain combinations thereof.  Tomorrow I’ll open again, and on the docket is not just shipment, and no just shipment and windows, but shipment, windows, and markdowns.  Oh, and of the four managers our store usually has to bear these burdens, two are on vacation.

I swear to God this is some kind of hazing. 

The bright side is that I’m no longer bored at work.  The load is slightly overwhelming but invigorating, in an exhausted sort of way.  And my idea is that after this week the rest is going to be a breeze.  So I guess my first week isn’t exactly my worst week, and I’m feeling a bit more positive (or just delirious) about this promotion, but I have not yet resigned the rest of my life to the beige waste!

At least Magic Mike comes out Friday.


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