A Shitshow

Something great and terrible happened at work yesterday.

Returning to the store from my break, I leaned into the break room to speak to a coworker (underling?) who had copped attitude and then awkwardly apologized to me earlier that morning.  This is what I said:

“Dom, I don’t mean to bother you on your break, but I just wanted to let you know… Mike got shit on at lunch.”

She responded with an appropriately giddy WTF?  Yes, readers, my coworker got shit on (by a bird) while smoking a cigarette outside on the way back from lunch.  So: Don’t Smoke.


2 comments on “A Shitshow

  1. It’s good luck to get shit on by a bird!;)

  2. Thats what everyone says, unfortunately not true thus far.

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