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Love/Shun is Blind

Things to Love

The internet and its eternally-perpetuating chains.  To wit: this Vulture interview with John Gallagher Jr. (of both HBO and Broadway fame, like I could love him more), which informed me that his first girlfriend was Aubrey Plaza (?!), AKA the belovedly dry April on Parks and Rec, who I read sex tips from in this Nerve interview, where she told an adorable story about her and Gallagher, and then led into a link to this Jezebel article that told me Plaza once rebuffed Ryan Gosling at a Jamba Juice, but he still invited her to a magic show once!  Of course, all of this is nonsense, but nonetheless fun and slightly more enriching than the nap I was going to take instead of reading those things.

Musical soundtracks.  By which I mean, not soundtracks of music, which obviously all (all?  all.) soundtracks are, but the soundtracks from musicals.  Anything from Broadway or Disney should do.  I listen to them on my iPod and silently mouth the words, wherein I imagine I can sing like that.  I cannot.

Magic Mike.  Duh.  I’ve heard a few oddballs claim they didn’t like this movie, but they are obviously misguided in some horrible way and deserve our sympathy.  The movie is exactly what you want it to be, plus perhaps a bit too much seriousness in the third act, but oh well, Channing Tatum wanted to show some pathos with his stripping, so sue him.  There is also a musical and possible sequel in the works! 

H&M, where I recently bought like 50 new articles of clothing; everything there right now is so vibrant and impactful and fun.  Four for you, H&M!

DIY “upcycling” tee-shirt projects.  Wherein I take the bagrillion old tee shirts I have lying around and turn them into headbands, workout tanks, and bracelets.

“Some Nights” by fun.  I keep reading about people saying how good the rest of this album is, and now it seems I’ll have to investigate it.

The Microsoft Store, because they fixed my computer with minimal fees or bullshit. The cashier also commiserated with me about the copy of The Sims Medieval on my desktop.


Things to Shun

Best Buy, for being a real bag of assholes.  I brought the computer I bought there to be checked out for a damaged fan, only to be told that because I opted not to pay for the protection plan when I bought the thing, they wouldn’t even look at it.  (Not sure what the difference was when I brought it there to be fixed for some virus situation the previous year…)  When I asked if I could pay out of pocket, the Geek told me no, and offered a cheery “Good luck!” to which I could only guffaw, “THANKS.”  Which, anyone who has ever worked in a customer service job or interacted with human beings knows, really means “Fuck you very much.”

Brave, which was entirely cute and inoffensive, but a little bland despite the protagonist’s uh-mayyyyyyzing red locks.  A friend of mine summed it up by saying that though the movie was both Disney and Pixar, it was definitely more the former, something like 60 Disney/40 Pixar.  There wasn’t that fresh take that Pixar movies always have, but just another princess story.

The disparity between the popularization of high-waisted skirts and the dearth of high-waisted underwear on the market.

The barren summer television landscape.


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