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Something Happened Today.

Well, guys, I don’t know how to say this, so here it is:  Today we found an open condom on the floor at the Banana Republic.

Ew.  I know.  If you’re grossed out by just reading this, imagine having to be there.  Does this sort of thing happen where you work?  I bet it doesn’t. 

I can’t even.

I have no point or punchline to offer in telling this story, only the fulfillment of a fundamental obligation to share it with the world.  I could not bear this burden alone, and if there was ever something to document on a blog documenting the travails of one’s job, this is it.  Honestly, it is sort of a funny prank, and it achieved the shock and awe it was certainly meant to, so kudos to the anonymous jokesters.

But seriously.  We work there.  Things aren’t bad enough? 

Sigh.  Laugh.  Cry.  Repeat.  I am at odds.


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