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Love/Shun: 1 to 1

Sometimes love/shun is a zero sum game. 


One Single Thing to Shun

I have Saturday and Sunday off this week (like a real person!)  It also happens to be New York Fashion Week.  The plan was that I go into the city late Friday night to spend the weekend with my sister, attending shows and flitting about town and doing various wedding planning and eating inevitable 3 am omelettes.  HOWEVER: fucking snow.  You know that story.  BUT ALSO, to add to my bitterness: I had to work 1-10 pm today, a closing shift; had I worked an early shift I might have been able to duck out early and make it to the city before the worst of the weather.  Gratefully, we closed the store early, around 6ish; HOWEVER this only added insult to my injury through the knowledge that since I wasn’t needed to close the store at 10, I didn’t need to go in at all, and I could have actually taken the train into New York circa this morning, embedding myself uptown before a flake ever fell.  POOR ME.


…And One Amazing Thing to Love

THIS!  For weeks, MONTHS, I have been bemoaning the negligent disappearance of August/Pinocchio on Once Upon a Time.  If you read my recaps, you’ll know this is my constant, mantra-like refrain.  And now, FINALLY, signs of life!  Sadly, that fateful day is not yet upon us, but there is definitive proof that the showrunners have not forgotten the mysterious stranger with the typewriter strapped to his motorcycle.  In five more episodes, it’s going to be the August Show!  All is well again.


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