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Shoe-Rental Activities

Leaving the house is such a chore.  I know you feel me, especially in these winter months (7 degrees tomorrow?  Really, Juanuary?!)  If not contractually compelled to be at work, I will remain seated either in my desk chair or the downstairs armchair, watching TV and likely doing a puzzle.  That’s called inertia, kids, and in my “Science for English Majors” course, I learned that means that objects at rest stay at rest.  Add in the hangover factor, which seems to intensify exponentially with age, and going out is just so much work!  I try to force myself to socialize by committing to plans with people ahead of time, but the problem with this is the ease with which plans can be broken, particularly when you have no shame and your friends are preternaturally forgiving.

SO, I’ve been a drip lately on the “partying” front, much to my drinking buddies’ chagrin.  BUT, I have been persuaded and delighted to engage in a number of activities!  Activities are way better than drinking, because they usually are done by 9 pm and you can still go home and watch at least two DVDs before bed.  My favorite activities, and the ones I’ve engaged in this week, just happen to be united by the practice of wearing rented shoes.  Do with that what you will.

Ice skating was the first outing, and I was sooooo close to flaking on that one.  The rink was in the charming hamlet of Howell, NJ and contained a Subway sandwich shop, because that’s a place they can do a thriving business apparently.  I got to wear cute winter accessories, including a pair of giraffe mittens from Delia’s circa 2003 that, shockingly, I don’t have many opportunities to wear.  There were youths cavorting, and I feel like a cliche just reporting that they were taking selfies.  Power to them, and props for doing something besides trolling around the mall.  There were also cute families doing activities with their kids instead of dragging said kids around the mall!  (I have an obvious hangup about the mall; it shows me the worst in people, and Howell Ice World showed me the best.)  I didn’t fall a single time, and I even got to do my Nancy Kerrigan impression.  The night was a success.

Today, it was rock climbing.  I hadn’t been in aaaaaages, and had to dubiously prove my belay skills for certification, which I swear I have to do literally every time I go to Garden State Rocks, but this time I genuinely needed someone to verify that I was doing correctly the things that would keep my friends from plummeting down a thirty foot wall.  A nonsequitur I’d like to share about people who rock climb is that I think they’re the chillest around.  I would fully not judge anyone for snorting derisively as my friends and I repeatedly fell attempting to climb level ZERO (legitimately below level one) bouldering routes, but no one did.  Everyone is just casual, and cool, and I creepily overheard the guy belaying next to me talking about an article I just read, so that was something.  We may have made fools of ourselves traversing the childrens’ wall (is it a problem that the hold I just grabbed is shaped like a dinosaur?), but personal victories were won, and a good time was had by all.

In summation, activities are the new going-out.  We didn’t spend a lot of money, I’m not going to be hungover tomorrow (though soreness will undoubtedly be an issue), and we actually, like, exercised.  If anyone wants to hang out with me going forward, it’s all activities until the weather warms up.  Oh, and because thematic uniformity pleases me, I’m especially amicable to the ones where you wear other people’s shoes: Bowling.  Roller blading.  Any others imaginable.


One comment on “Shoe-Rental Activities

  1. It’s too bad you missed our bowling outing to Jersey Lanes in Linden this past weekend. A fight very nearly broke out in the lane next to us and our second game was punctuated by many strings of shouted words that I can’t utter on a family-friendly blog 🙂

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