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What a Difference a Year Makes

It has definitely been a minute since I last did this.

Something today compelled me to peek back at my beloved old blog, and read the last post I wrote.  It was over a year ago in March of 2014, a hopeful and optimistic announcement about my impending return to academia.  Looking back, I’m a little surprised that was the last time I posted, but I suppose my dedication had been waning for a while.  The blog was always an outlet for my frustration, and when things started looking up, I no longer needed it as much.

Between the two school years of my MBA, I’m in the working world again (in a far different capacity) for the summer, and I guess some part of me needs the outlet again.  Hell, maybe it’s just that with school out, I’m not getting enough attention.  LOVE ME!

That is not to in any way insinuate that my current internship (in brand strategy) is in league with Banana.  My soul is remarkably intact, I am intellectually challenged and appreciated for my contributions, and overall far happier.

Which is more or less the upshot of any attempt to summarize the past year: Far Happier.

I can’t recap in one post what a whirlwind year I have had.  I moved to New York for the first time.  I threw myself headlong into a terrifying, grueling, intimidating world (How do you remember 400 new people’s names?  Why did I think I could take Stats when I hadn’t been in a math class since 2006?  What the hell is arbitrage?)  I learned things I never thought I’d need to know (One word: EBITDARGL.)  I started recruiting for summer internships (themselves basically a recruitment exercise for full-time jobs) during the first week!

…And I had the absolute best time.  Without gushing too much, coming to Stern was one of my all-time best decisions.

I’m practically a real businesswoman now (I don’t think that’s a word.)  The adventure continues.  And maybe too the blog…


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